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Tired of your old, stained, dirty kitchen cabinets? Breathe life into them with a luxury paint job.

Painting kitchen cabinets is no easy task, it takes a significant amount of time, energy, skill, and knowledge.

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Please note, painting kitchen cabinets typically starts around $4,000+

Kitchen Cabinet Prepping Process
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Learn About our Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process

Painting your cabinets is more than simply slapping some paint on all the surfaces, it requires multiple, detailed steps to produce a long-lasting, durable and quality outcome.

At Wild Fox Painting, we use a custom ordered, high-quality, durable cabinet paint, not off-the-shelf paint that most amateur painters think is "good enough".

Wild Fox Painting focuses on building trust through excellent customer service; partnered with detailed prep-work, highly trained painters, and quality paint to provide professional cabinet painting.

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Please note, painting kitchen cabinets typically starts around $4,000+

1. Empty the Kitchen Cabinets

We ask all clients to empty the cabinets prior to us starting, this protects dishes from getting dusty, or worse, potentially something breaking, and makes it easier for us to prep properly. This provides you with an opportunity to de-clutter and reorganize your kitchen cabinets.

2. Remove and Number Doors and Drawer Faces

Every removable door, drawer face, hinge and hardware are detached from the boxes, each surface is numbered so we know what goes where later.

3. Prepping the Kitchen

The floors, walls, ceilings, appliances, and anything else which needs protecting in the kitchen are all covered with paper and plastic. This includes putting up a plastic barrier around your kitchen to prevent dust and paint from entering the rest of your house.

Kitchen Cabinet Prepping Process

4. Degrease the Surfaces

Cabinet painting is all about the prep, the first important step is that all cabinets are cleaned with a degreaser, this helps prevent grease from going deeper into the woodgrain when we start sanding.

5. Sanding and Cleaning

After cleaning the cabinets, we sand all surfaces to remove the existing sheen and other issues on the surface. Once sanded, we use a liquid de-glosser to clean again.

6. Prime the Surfaces

The final coat of paint is only as good as the bottom layer of paint, this is why we use extreme bond primers to create a solid, durable foundation.

Kitchen Cabinet Prepping Process

7. Patch, Caulk, Sand and Clean... again.

Once primed, it generally becomes easier to see nail holes, cracks, dings, and other imperfections on the surfaces. We use Bondo and other materials to perfect the surface. Once dried, we sand and clean the surfaces one more time prior to applying the finish coats.

Kitchen Cabinet Prepping Process

8. Finish Coats

Now that all the initial steps are done, we finally get to apply the final coats of paint to truly transform the look of your kitchen cabinets.

9. Cleaning up the Kitchen

Once the paint has had time to dry and surfaces all look good, we can then take down all the plastic, remove the paper, clean the inside of the cabinets and other surfaces and put the kitchen back together.

Kitchen Cabinet Prepping Process

10. Doors and Drawer Faces

The doors and drawer faces are generally picked up one or two weeks prior to starting the boxes and taken back to our warehouse and full paint booth. This gives us a head start on prepping, patching, priming and painting the doors as they take much more time to do than the boxes.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Booth

11. Re-Hang the Doors and Drawer Faces

Once the doors have been finished, we wrap them up in foam and plastic and bring them back to your house. We then re-hang them on the boxes and put your hardware back on, we then do one final round of touchups if needed and one last clean.

12. Wrapping Up!

Now that the boxes and doors are all completed, the kitchen is clean and everything looks great. We take a few final photos and videos for our portfolio, and we are all done!

Kitchen Cabinets

Words of Appreciation from our Clients

Working with a painter requires a high level of trust, we are happy to share a few testimionals from some of our previous clients.

Marie C.

Castle Rock, CO

Micah was super fast to respond to my initial inquiry, showed up when he said he would, and gave me pricing in a timely manner. They did a great job painting and finished the job quickly.

The pricing was reasonable and the quality of the finished job was top notch. I would highly recommend working with Wild Fox Painting for your next paint project.

Kaitin C.

Castle Rock, CO

Micah and his team at Wild Fox Painting did a wonderful job transforming my home. I had a tight timeline for moving in and they worked efficiently to get the job done on time.

The space looks light and bright just like we had hoped. The team took great attention to detail and kept our place very clean while working. We will definitely use them again for future projects.

Stephanie Z.

Aurora, CO

Micah and his team were absolutely wonderful! They didn’t price gauge us, and they did a fantastic job. Micah was great at communicating with us every step of the way, and his team did an immaculate job on our new home.

We will use them again for any paint jobs we have in the future!